[NWS Wakefield SKYWARN Logo] WX4AKQ Offline Tools

Project Overview

This project contains SKYWARN-related forms for use by SKYWARN Spotters and Net Control Operators within the NWS Wakefield, Virginia County Warning Area (CWA). The forms can be used either with the RMS Express amateur radio messaging software or in a standalone form using a locally-installed web server. These forms are designed and maintained for the Wakefield SKYWARN Amateur Radio Support Team.

Stay Up to Date

To keep up-to-date on new version releases and other important news, sign up for the wx4akq-offline-announce e-mail list. This is a low-volume, announce-only distribution list. All users of the WX4AKQ Offline Tools are strongly encouraged to sign up for this list.

Contributing to the Project

The best way to contribute to the project is by adding your bug reports and feature requests to the Issues tracker on GitHub. You can also contact our project coordinator directly via e-mail to submit bugs and features and an Issue will be created on your behalf.


Installation instructions are provided in the included README.md file.


To download a ZIP file containing this project, see our Releases view on GitHub.

To use the forms with the Winlink radio messaging system, you will need to download the latest RMS Express client from the Winlink web site. To take full advantage of the offline logging capability, targeted primarily at our Net Control Operators, or if you require compatibility with Winlink clients other than RMS Express, you will need a locally-installed and properly configured web server. We recommend using the included Vagrantfile along with Virtualbox and Vagrant for rapid deployment on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. SKYWARN Net Control Operators using offline services will need to obtain an API Key from Ops Portal.